Create and maintain connections

In the hustle and bustle of professional life, it can be challenging to organize meetups with old college friends. The friendships made during college run deep and are an important part of who you are as a professional and individual. Staying connected with your university’s alumni association is an easy way to keep in touch with your university friends. Alumni associations will host fun reunions and get-togethers for their alumni which takes all the pain and hassle of organizing a meetup out of the equation. 

During these alumni events, you may find that they are more than just fun get-togethers. Often times, reconnecting with old classmates opens new doors for your professional life. You may find new opportunities or create invaluable partnerships for your company just by reconnecting with classmates from your alma mater. 

In addition to connecting with old classmates, these alumni association events will sometimes have current students in attendance. These students are go-getters and have taken the initiative to meet you and other alumni. Now’s your chance to find the next 5-star intern or new hire. Speak with current students at alumni events and you’ll be connected with a driven group of candidates.

Grow your legacy

In December 2018, U.S. News surveyed more than 1,800 colleges and universities and found the average rate for alumni contributions at all ranked schools is 11.1 percent. That’s a lot of alumni who are missing out on charitable donations to their alma mater. 

When you give back to your alma mater, you’re supporting student programs, scholarship funds and even university expansion plans to make your alma mater’s campus better than it was when you attended. Giving back is about supporting the legacy you are part of but unfortunately, it’s been a rather clunky process and hard to maintain. 

That’s why we use Flourish, a micro-donation platform, to round up your everyday purchases and send micro-donations to your university. This new innovative way to give back to your alma mater makes it easy for you to select the programs or projects you care about at your alma mater. For example, the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship is enabling all Drexel alumni to fund student entrepreneurship programs by voting for their favorite startups in this year’s Drexel Fund Run. This contest gives student startups at Drexel real-world fundraising experience and allows Drexel alumni to easily and consistently support student entrepreneurship. 

Here’s another point to consider – giving back doesn’t have to mean giving money. You can give your time and the knowledge you’ve accumulated after graduation. Reach out to your favorite professors and see if they would like you to speak about your current job as it relates to the class. Other ways to give back with your time and knowledge are through mentorship programs. These programs directly connect you with current students and are immensely valuable to students. 

Make an impact

Mentoring and giving back are two of the most impactful ways to support your alma mater. Mentoring provides a one on one connection to current students and mentors, and this connection can be the difference between a students’ success, or their struggle getting through college. Mentors are priceless assets for students and they make a huge impact on individual students. Up until now, this impact was limited to a small group of students. We’ve taken mentorship to the next level. 

With Alma Matters’ 1 Minute Mentor program, you now can expand that impact of mentoring one student to several. Still, in beta testing, 1 Minute Mentor takes a snippet of wisdom from alumni (via video, audio or text) and shares this wisdom to a broad audience. Now with just one minute of your time, you can provide mentorship to countless students using 1 Minute Mentor. 

By mentoring, you also demonstrate your expertise in your subject area. Having on your resume that you mentor students who are studying topics within your career’s industry establishes your credibility in the field and improves your thought leadership. 

By donating to your university, your impact is dispersed among students. Endowing a scholarship provides tuition funds for multiple students. Naming a new building gives the school funds to help with the construction of the new building, benefiting numerous students at your alma mater. These are all exceptional ways to give back to a university, but oftentimes college graduates don’t have the funds to purchase an entire building or pay tuition for multiple students year after year. 

To bridge this gap, we use Flourish to send roundup donations to your alma mater. Instead of donating one large lump sum, you donate a smaller amount of your choosing over a longer period of time. This makes supporting your alma mater more accessible, and it helps your alma mater in a unique way: through university rankings. 

University ranking systems, like the Princeton Review, look at the amount of alumni donors a school has when determining their list of top schools. The more alumni donors, the better. Now that microdonations are available to alumni, you can really improve your university’s ranking through your regular micro-donations. This is a great benefit because it will make your degree from your alma mater more valuable and noteworthy.

Your university experience and education provided so much for you. Staying connected with your alma mater can provide you with even more benefits that are now easier than ever to receive through Alma Matters. Want to get our program at your alma mater? Request us to reach out to your university here

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